Razan Organic Kitchen

fresh cilantro, jalepenos, onion and radish

fresh cilantro, jalepenos, onion and radish

I never walk down the street it’s on so I haven’t even heard about Razan until recently but good God, there are probably eight different things I’d like to try from this place. I’d say over half the options are vegetarian and they have a long list of burritos, mediterranean-style wraps, and combo plates. The place is so tiny you could swallow it with a sip of water but it adds to the cuteness – everything’s cright and framed with plants and healthy-looking which always entices me. There are two levels and we sat in the top, where, albeit clautrophobic, I could take pictures of the kitchen right underneath

upper level lets you smell the delicious food they're cooking

upper level lets you smell the delicious food they're cooking

On a tiny counter they were able to have a line of awesome salsas and veggies for burritos. I have no idea how it was kept so neat and clean the whole time.


four types of salsa. all spicy but great

four types of salsa. all spicy but great

I could’ve taken hours to decide if I didn’t have the good ol’ falafel as a standby. Plus nothing’s funner to say than falalalalfel. It’s definately one of those things I order all the time at a new restaurant as an immediate gauge of the establishment. It’s vegetarian, fried, and I’m always in the mood for it (mostly because of those first two characteristics).

so much going on in this wrap!

so much going on in this wrap!

Crikey, there’s a lot of tahini, hummus, tomato, lettuce and cucumber in there. Personally can’t get enough of those things and if I had made the wrap myself, it would’ve looked exactly like that. I really loved the hummus and yogurt sauce that covered tons of large cucumber chunks. But while it was perfect for me, I doubt most people share enough enthusiasm to not wonder where all the falafel goodness is? The thin layer of non-foliage at the bottom would be your answer. Far too little for the average diner, and at 7:95 it’s way more expensive than other falafel around Berkeley. (Bongo Burger’s still my favorite pick,  but that’s another post). The 50 cents extra they charged me for using a credit card added to the indignation. Notice the cilantro in the corner – can’t believe I used to hate the stuff and now I can barely taste it other than knowing it adds some extra awesome flavor to food. So yeah, Razan Kitch, your falafel might please me but it wouldn’t cut it with more demanding diners. I would go back to try some other dishes, especially the Lebanese wrap, spinach burrito, and shitake mushroom wrap (looked gorgeous). Everything’s made with wheat wraps!

the avocado portion of this dinner brought to you by nachos

the avocado portion of this dinner brought to you by nachos

This wouldn’t be a place I’d get nachos but one of my dining companions was craving them and they certainly look divine. I’m not saying I’d slather myself in guacamole but I am saying that if someone else was slathered in guacamole and I had the option of eating said delicacy, I would accept.

To go on a quick tangent, we went to the theater afterwards to see Dave Sedaris read from pieces he’s currently working on and since my professor got me the tickets, I had no idea I’d be in the front row, center. The seat to my left was empty the whole time too. Sedaris was obviously brilliant and hilarious and I could sit in front of him and watch him do his thing all day. His stories ranged from owls and taxidermy to Australia and fathers to diary entries to air-travel.

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