A Favorite Sandwich

Unless I go out with other people, I eat all of my meals at home or bring my lunch when I know I won’t be able to make it home in the middle of the day. I go through phases all the time, which is great since I throw out less food and I enjoy eating one thing until I get tired of it. Last month it was beans and rice, or bean salad. This month it’s definately the tempeh sandwich, inspired by an amazing experience I had at Hungry Tigers Too during my trip to Portland aka Land of Prolific Vegan Food. Maybe the sleep-deprived cold and diet of donuts and a smoothie was what elevated this sandwich to a divine level for me, but it was awesome. The grilled tempeh and vegan  mayo was what I remembered most. The rest were standard sandwich veggies and a pickle, if I recall correctly.

So I’ve been eating this at least once a day for the past week. Lunch AND dinner today. At this rate, this phase is might be on its way out but I still have lots of tempeh from whole foods (surprisingly has the best price) and so far I still adore it.


i've never made a sandwich thin enough to fit into my mouth and i'm okay with that

i've never made a sandwich thin enough to fit into my mouth and i'm okay with that

It kind of reminds me of the sandwich I made for lunch in high school every day for a year, without the vegan mayo and tempeh. This is so much more filling and balanced. Most people prefer Vegenaise to Nayonaise because it tastes exactly like normal mayo but the latter has totally grown on me, plus it’s unbelievably low in fat. Flavor’s quite soybean-y so it’s the same as the transition from cow to soymilk, I imagine. Toast whole grain bread, grill slices of tempeh, slice avocado, bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, mayo and salt/pepper it.  I just wish I had pickles. I always wish I had pickles. (Srsly, it’s so hard for me to buy a jar of pickles because I always think it’s superfluous when I’m at the store, standing in front of the pickle shelf. But I am so mistaken.)

I like trying new things when I go out but I always have a fonder place in my heart for the simple things I eat every day, like cereal and frozen bananas, pb&j, salads, and my default sandwich.


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