Sunny Side Cafe

When people turn away from the 1-hour wait at Rick and Ann’s, many end up here, on the other side of Berkeley. Too bad neither could muster up a more creative name ’cause that’s what I like my decisions to fall back on.

two eggs (7.5) poached with english muffin and vegetarian black beans

two eggs (7.5) poached with english muffin and vegetarian black beans

Drab, but satisfying. It’d been years since I’ve had an English muffin and I don’t remember enjoying one as much as this. The eggs were perfectly poached, if that’s any indicator of the chef’s technique, although 7.5 eggs tend to deliver. I think poached are my favorite, with over easy coming in second. Staying true to my namesake, I went with black beans instead of homefries and they were basically bombdiggity (yeah I’m from the 90s). Beans I’ve cooked have never been so soft, yet still intact. I love the inky black color of bean juice. Another addition to the things-i’d-slosh-in list. However, the cheese was unnecessary, the oranges disappointingly sour, and the butter superfluous unless they were going to give me eight more muffins to spread it on. Mere details, but details count.

I've never said this, but, check out that bad boy

I've never said this, but, check out that bad boy

Think my breakfast was too healthy and Dickensonian? G’s “Alameda” (11.5) should make up for it, with “brisket, mushrooms, Golden Gate ham, roasted tomatoes, and emmenthal cheese sandwiched between two pieces of savory French toast, topped with two eggs over-easy, Hollandaise sauce, and a balsamic reduction”. She adored the mushrooms, flavorful brisket, and sauce with hints of horseradish, but didn’t taste any balsamic. She felt there was too much spinach (never a prob for me) and undercooked tomato. Best to eat this quickly because the bread gets soggy fast, but it’s quite a beaut.



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