New Favorite Sandwich

P1010018I’d say that we like to mix it up around here, but this sandwich isn’t too different from the one I posted earlier, just nix the tempeh and replace with hummus. It’s for those days when I just want to be hooked up to an avocado IV, with nothing fancy between me and “nature’s butter”.P1010022

I still put in the hummus for kicks (literally, I need the protein to kick the bums off my front porch). Speaking of which, I just moved out of my old apartment into a cute little duplex. I get my own room and it’s really spacious all around, plus conveniently located. Near stores. And bums. While we’re on non-food related subjects, I’m also going to start training next week to work at the best gelato shop in Berkeley! I guess it’s still somewhat food-related, especially to people I plan to bring pints of leftover gelato to. So in addition to checking out films to you at school (as if any of you ever go) I will be serving you gelato and espresso soon. What can I say, I’m a giver.


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