Homemade Larabars

This is the first time I’ve confessed this: I’m not a big fan of Larabars. I’d rather chew the ingredients trail mix style (dates, various nuts, various flavorings like lime juice or cocoa) seperately, which is easier and totally feasible since there’s usually less than four. The coconut cream pie flavor is the only one i’m really impressed with, cause anything with coconut rocks my socks and blending the coconut and coconut butter in is the only way to permeate that strong flavor. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to pick up half a pound of something so obscure (and with so much saturated fat) such as coconut butter, so these weren’t as fragrant. I tried to stick to some ratios I found online, with 3:4 dates to nuts. It’s too sweet and moist enough to handle another handful of nuts, so I’ll change that next time.

puree 50g dates with a splash of water for those too lazy to soak them



Place aside in bowl and chop 70g nuts – I used 50g raw almonds and 20g unsweetened flaked coconut. Add to date puree. 

why use hands when god gave you spoons

why use hands when god gave you spoons

Fully combine the ingredients and shape however you want! This recipe makes approximately two Larabars. Maybe. I just made that up to sound more authoritative.

not flat enough

not flat enough

done! love this with soymilk

done! love this with soymilk

That’s some good fuel.


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