addictive routines



In the past 2-3 months I’ve had this for breakfast (sometimes with additions) six days out of the week. This is why I can’t blog all the time without boring people. Sometimes I plan to eat something else the night before or even when I wake up, but I end up craving the same thing – toast with agave nectar and almond butter, bananas, a date stuffed with pb and coconut, and soy/almond milk. Once I’m in a routine, good luck wrenching me out.P1010088

There’s no reason to post this other than for my self-gratification. And stalkers, obvs. It’s healthy to assume we all have at least one stalker, right? Anyway, now that I’ve started doing it, I’m sensing the beginning of a new phase of photographing meals like this. My OCD side is totally celebrating right now. I promise it won’t be daily!

will anyone replace my chipped robot cup?


One thought on “addictive routines

  1. I’ve been eyeing almond milk at the market.. never tried it, but I think I will now. I gotta upgrade my own breakfast.

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