Return to Brazil

A couple weeks ago I had a delicious Lambada veggie sandwich. This time we tried the original café/shack right around the corner from the restaurant, where the owner Pedro was working that day. I liked the ambiance of this one even better though, but I like run-down shacky places. Less Brazilian music, more Berkeley sunshine and people watching. There’s little difference between the two other than obligation to tip, but I’m tempted just to visit whichever one the owner Pedro is working in. Still as sweet as ever! But did not give free smoothies which was fine with me. brazilcafe

I thought about getting that sandwich again, but couldn’t pass up the rice bowl. It sounded so promising – rice, carrots, broccoli, onions, avocado, cheese, pineapple, olives, peppers, some ranchy sauce, and then drowned in cilantro-garlic sauce. Comes with a side salad and pita/bread.

without cheese. so pretty! so..7.50

without cheese. so pretty! so..7.50

Looks great but this picture is deceiving because the bowl was honestly only 5 inches in diameter. So at first I thought it was the side salad? But I was sadly mistaken. I didn’t even get the promised side salad or the bread! I guess I should’ve gone to complain (like another lady did twice, they forgot so many components of her order. i suspect they don’t go by anything the menu says and just make the bare minimum until someone asks, as some intentional way to cut costs. for shame) but I was too lazy and not that hungry so they will just have to pay dearly via…this bad review on a blog two people read. The portion was almost laughable – four pieces of pineapple (i hate pineapple in savory food), three olives/jalepenos, three slices of avocado, maybe a tablespoon of hummus, if that. Flashbacks of Cafe Gratitude come to mind, but significantly less awesome.

Tastewise, the bowl was pretty good and satisfying. Not to be harsh but who could mess up rice with avocado, olives, jalapenos, and tons of crack sauce – those are some of my fave eats. I wasn’t a huge fan of the large grain, fluffy rice but that’s their authentic type. It’s just, the bowl was maybe half a pound and you can’t help but calculate that every bite your eating is like, 20 cents. I feel stingy right now but come on people, it’s rice and vegetables! I need some time to cool down. I’m never getting this again, but I just realized a dormant craving for more of Cafe G’s rice bowls.

I leave you with three tri-tip sandwiches. Same numbers as last time

I leave you with three tri-tip sandwiches. Same numbers as last time. If you like beef, get this get this get this

food UntitledUntitledUntitled

service UntitledUntitled

value Untitled

ambiance UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled (if you’re also a freak who likes to eat off tv dinner trays and drink out of paper cones)


2 thoughts on “Return to Brazil

  1. hey beebe, sorry about your rice bowl! berkeley food sounds really great. I like reading your food blog. you should post your cooking too!!


  2. I was working on Berkeley food reviews at my internship today, and this was one of them! I am kind of sad that this place doesn’t seem that great, though. Bummer.

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