Long and Happy Life!

Better this time! I’d go back again for this lunch special that was all J said it would be. We wanted to eat cheap again today, which i definitely don’t mind cause i want to do some damage in asia, and also i afterwards spent the money i saved on clothes. For the price, I don’t know where else you could get such a large, all vegan (excluding fortune cookie) meal, seven days of the week. I wasn’t aware that brown rice doesn’t even cost extra – way to go! It was slow in there, for 1pm on a Saturday. Last time I forgot to mention that the decor is as bad as a Chinese restaurant can be – with the door closed and the lights off, it looked closed. The only other things I remember are sad paper lanterns hanging from the ceilings.

the complimentary hot and sour soup was somehow much better than the one i bought last time! just enough soy sauce and cornstarch

i knew i wanted to try the mock chicken, because it is the only meat i often think of with fond and salivic thoughts. yet i didn't want too much chicken so this spicy mock chicken with tofu (5) was just perfect. the tofu was really fresh this time, praise be i think coming on a weekend makes all the difference. the random veggies were fresh, and the chicken was ok but i wanted something chunkier, not flat like deli meat. i realize now that all their mock meats are like this, just with different flavor profiles. j's ham was pretty salty. i dont think i'd get mock meat here again! the eggroll was fine. the rice was brown. the cost was just right. i still have half for tomorrow. pretty good bean chili sauce that alludes to the comforting homecooking someone's (else's) mum would prepare. on second thought, it alludes to the comforting paste she would spoon from a jar. we always have a couple in our fridge. the radioactive egg roll sauce is in the corner for a reason

check out the stylish stranger i harassed for a picture on my way to the thrift shop! aka J aka the first person to be on this blog,which is kind of weird but this outfit was so put together i wanted to share. i really like the women's ruffle blouse under the vest but unfortunately the sun washed it out. lead the way, J

hopefully i can get out of this cheap asian food rut soon. unless the next time i post it’s from asia!

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