Vik’s Chaat Cafe

Allegedly the best South Indian food in the East Bay? I came here with such expectations three years ago, had them completely shattered because I’d ordered the wrong thing for my tastes, then haven’t been back until last week. This time older and wiser, I got the dosa which I can’t get enough of as of late! The “real” food like dosas and utthapams at Vik’s are right up my alley, but I’d steer clear of the “chaat”, which are more like street food one would find at vendors. Those usually consist of chickpea flour fried into various forms, then doused with yogurt. That itself would be delicious in my opinion, but then they have to go and add in errythang under the sun to infuse the (cold) dish with every flavor, as Indian cuisine so often does. Too much for my tastebuds to handle – there’s usually tamarind and chili and cumin and cilantro and the whole thing is overwhelmingly sweet. i can never get behind chutney

S got something that I might have also gotten that first time I came. The presentation is attractive, albeit slightly intimidating when you first dive into a bowl of cold, murkiness. This was not finished. I didn’t get a picture of the lamb wrappy thingy or the fresh coconuts we drank.

This was a chicken wrapped in some kind of roti (6.5)? Can’t say much about these as I didn’t try them.

My dosa (6.5) won the award for largest dish ever, dominating the plate, which could only support half its girth. It came with this soupy concoction that was spicy and hot and delicious on a chilly day. The thick yellow sauce was completely mysterious but it had a nice sweet, spicy flavor and I loved dipping my dosa shell into it.

Inside the dosa itself, the veggies were pretty undesirable. A medley of frozen veggies soaked in the grease it was cooked in. I picked out the cauliflower, but I should’ve expected this since Indian style veggies are way too overcooked IMO. The dosa itself was delish, and next time I’ll just need to rethink my choice of stuffing.

Food UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

Ambiance UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled (if you like the warehouse feel, which i do)

Service UntitledUntitled (pay and wait for order to come out)

Value UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled


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