Razan, Where It All Began

One might remember the first official review on here from August of last year. A couple months later, I’d gone back to scarf down an unimpressive tofu wrap which I wasn’t able to review. Lucky for Razan. Yet I found myself suggesting we go there again today. The new place Green Papaya had been on the agenda, but for the second time it fell through when nothing stood out on their menu. Anyone can make Asian food vegan and with the bounty of amazing Thai places around here, I can’t get riled up about another Americanized-looking semi-chain.

Should’ve gone with the other fallback option, Herbivore, instead. Always go to Herbivore, always go to Herbivore. Razan is the cute, convenient and decently-priced courtesan I turn to in moments of indecision but today was the last time. Yes it makes me feel good to eat organic and support a local business. The prices are acceptable though you get a small portion of food (aka good for one meal but no leftovers) and most importantly, it’s a few hops away from my front door. However. The lack of innovation and flavor in the food makes me regret going there each time. Somehow during our periods apart I magically forget that Razan is not that good to me and wind up crawling back for more. This was the last time. No more floozies. I want Nicole Kidman damnit.

Spinach basil wrap (burrito) with black beans, rice and salsa on a whole wheat tortilla (7). I had fonder memories of the falafel I ate the first time, but I wanted to try a vegan option and was craving basil. Like I said, bland and could've thrown this together at home in 5 minutes. I needed some zing that wasn't solely from the mouth-scorching salsa they put on. But alas there was none so I had to pile on more salsa (the roasted corn's nice) and onions from the bar - not the smartest idea. And what's up with that puddle of spinach liquid on the bottom? That happened last time too. The black beans tasted like they came straight out of a can. I miss the good ol' days when beans were simmered in spices for the whole afternoon. Oh wait, that was in Fried Green Tomatoes.

S's Egyptian wrap (8) with falafel and hummus and other fixings that go with falafel was quite nice, but a little heavy on the spices for me. Go figure.

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I could make a million excuses but sometimes you just need to put on those huge glasses, thrift center sweater that no one else will take from you (God bless the 90s revival for letting me get away with baggy clothes and unkempt hair. No need to shop anymore I do this every day), and put power to the pedal to get that vegan grub. Don't say it, I know what I look like...oh well!


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