Socal Eats: Part Four

This actually came the day before Part Three but was not as exciting as that heavenly chocolate cookie experience so I left it for later. There’s no reason you had to know that but there ya go. On this evening we went to the bourgie (new vocab word for visiting Virginian friends!) beaches of La Jolla for some lean, green salad I’d heard about online. Due to poor planning and the early bedtime of all San Diegans, the place was closed, leaving us with about two other plausible eateries. Time for dessert!

Cupcake bites (2) from the cute new store, Cups! Starting at the top and going clockwise: J's Pina Colada and Boston Cream Pie, and my vegan Oreo. J thought the pineapple icing far overshadowed the other flavors of the cake, which had a strange consistency, so she didn't even finish it. She gave the BCP two choco-covered thumbs up. The Oreo frosting was a simple but tasty topping for the dense, fudgy chocolate cake underneath. If these weren't so expensive I'd eat a whole box of them and then check myself into a hospital

The problem with this area is that everything exudes classiness. There are great restaurants to eat in if you're planning to spend over 30 dollars (best $60 I ever spent on a meal was here before Prom) but if your means are a bit more modest, you're gonna end up at a cafe. The one I always seem to eat at is Girard Gourmet, usually because they fill their huge window display with massive seasonally and locally themed sugar cookies (kittens, leprechauns, surfboards, etc) that pull you in.

The real food looks and sounds nice but it's definitely European in the sense they take pre-made dishes out of the fridge and heat it up for you. The only veg protein I could find was the lentil soup (5), which I was happy to devour. But beware, prices are way steeper than these type of cafes in Europe!

I leave you with suburbia's finest: the veggie burger at Elephant Bar. This is the second-worst veggie patty I've ever tasted, the first being this rice/cheese version made by Safeway's generic brand. But this was definitely not made on the premises because I've had it before...I want to say that it's an Original Gardenburger. I like some of the other flavors but putting cheese in a burger is cheating - I can add it myself if I wanted. This is quickly going into three other tangents so to wrap up, I don't know what I'd order if I went to Elephant Bar again. I was hungrier than I began, after eating

Glad to be back to regular Berkeley eats!


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