Fortuneless at Lucky House Thai

Proper eats out have been few and far between. This weather and my allergies just make me want to eat salads twice a day, which is great for my pocketbook and schedule, since we’re amidst the end-of-the-year rush. I love the end of the year and live for end of the year. Papers and time to reflect on what’d been learned (if anything) and parties and new friends. Although it’s kind of lame that we don’t have parties to get to know each other outside of class at the beginning of the semester. Okay I’m really digressing.

Last night after work we took a two-second jaunt to Lucky Thai House, per A’s recommendation. The last time I’d tasted sweet pungent basil and curry and other Thai food was actually in Thailand – where they just call it “food”. I consider A an aficionado after her one-year stay there, and she brings their takeout to work all the time, so it didn’t take much for her to convince S and I to try this place for dinner.

Not too impressive aesthetically, but the staff is friendly and adorable, like everyone I met in Thailand.

I went with the green curry (7) with fresh tofu, green beans, broccoli, and bamboo shoots, with a side of rice. The portion was meager and the veggies few and far between. Two pieces of broccoli will never satisfy this veg-head. Should've multiplied by five, at the very least. It was acceptable, but the tofu was definitely on the brink of becoming stale. The curry flavor itself wasn't that great - i've made better stuff at home from a paste. Too watery and sweet. I like them thick and savory (who doesn't)

Certainly would’ve been better if I went to a proper veg place that had Asian options. I’m disappointed that my favorite experiences are at “American” rather than the authentically ethnic places. I didn’t snap a pic of S’s Pad See Ew but she wasn’t too impressed by the meager veggie portion either. Perhaps A’s fav dishes are better. Unfortunately I dont plan on finding out for myself because there are just too many Thai places around here to contend with. I wish I could try every Thai restaurant that had the words “Thai” and “House” in it, but I don’t have a hundred years. And I don’t love Thai food.

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