Juice Bar Collective

I’ve meant to check out this Juice Bar Collective for three years now, but it’s so tiny and forgettable. I finally went in today for a snack and will hopefully make it back for a meal soon so I can have an actual review. It doesn’t rival the awesomeness of Raw Energy but still has a lot going for it:
– close to Cheeseboard so I have another option when people go there
– wide selection of meat, vegetarian, and vegan dishes ranging from sandwiches to hot meals to baked goods
– lots of smoothies and juices of course
– great employees

Gather round, mes chats. A vegan chocolate ginger cookie (2) seemed like a hybrid of two tasty flavors. Several baked goods tempted me but I wanted something reminiscent of that delicious cookie bomb of choco coconut flaxseed fudginess I had at Nature's Express in SD. This was good but didn't hold a candle. Also I'm pretty sure vegan cookies are less healthy than their normal counterparts but if the option's there I take it.


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