What’s Cookin’ at Koreana Kitchen II

Another weekend lunch with the parents, another Korean restaurant. Like any mother-lover, I cleared a window on this mother’s day and resolved to be an angelic daughter more often. I also gave my dad the URL for this blog so, dad, if you remembered to check this out, hey.

The main draw for Koreana Kitchen II (the original's in Walnut Creek) is its location in the Asian shopping center, next to 99 Ranch. If not for this reason I wouldn't have been here four times.

I wished I was hungrier but we'd just gone to Costco (another one of those activities that scream "spending time with parents" to me) where I had almost a whole energy bar. Rice and banchan sounded good so I just got a lunch bento box (6) and ate that sans chicken. Everything I ate was probably pre-made banchan but they have a decent variety. Too bad they didn't have a purple/brown rice option, unlike most Korean restaurants.

Don't you love that this blog sets up no expectations for good food photography so I can get away with crappy shots like this? My mom's usual tofu/seafood soup, with a miso base because chili makes her sick. Surrounded by other banchan that I also picked at (I eat all the kimchi). This is where it kind of went downhill. Their soup doesn't come with a raw egg to crack into the boiling pot, and was astronomically oversalted, which, based on our visits, is always the case. Rendering it into more of a soggy dish of veggies that had to be spooned out. My mom's favorite part is always their weird mashed potatoes on the bottom right.

Big thank you to my mother and her tiny hips for birthing me.

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