Maoz Attacks!

So many eats to try before I move...but I did the noble thing and introduced my friend to Maoz instead of going somewhere new. The fact I've been dreaming about its salad bar might have also had something to do with it. I wanted to get a big salad box today, but was so excited that I didn't really look at the menu when I ordered "pita with salad" (5). Shock and horror in that order. I asked the dude, "What's the one where you get salad in a box called?" to which he replied,"That's our Salad in a Box." Damn. I blame it on 7 hours of dealing with equally dense customers at the gelato shop today. Anyway, this dinner was perfect, their salad bar still surpasses my fantasies, and I got coupons so I'm probably going to be back within the week!

one day later

The first step is admitting you have an addiction.


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