Produce Love

Hey nommers,

Trying to get a round-up of my current obsessions – things I eat on a daily basis because I cook for one and get into phases where I want the same things every damn day. But I haven’t compiled all the photos yet.

Until then, give it up for Spring! I went to two farmers’ markets today and got psyched. I declare, even in the blessed cornucopia that is California, Spring offers the best array of seasonal produce. I’m so excited, someone should hold me back from taking a bite out of my laptop. So…I’m going to do something really nerdy and take a brief moment to honor my fave Springtime vittles. I enjoy these with little embellishment because simple usually means easy and healthy. Also, I feel weird drastically altering the state of a beautiful organic fruit or veggie that I’ve paid so much for.

My mom told me that as long as I can get my hands on them, I should eat organic blueberries every day. No exceptions. Apparently they are just that amazing for you. I obviously don't do it every day, but thanks to Spring, I'm getting closer to meeting my quota.

Asparagus really get me in the mood. They're firm and Spartan on the outside but have a sweet core, like all good lovers.

I'd argue that the best character in James and the Giant Peach was the peach. When they were all tired of eating peach after a few days, the story really started losing my attention because I couldn't relate anymore

New potatoes and their match made in heaven, rosemary. Cut potatoes in half, give them a sensual massage with olive oil, chopped rosemary, garlic, pepper, and course salt. I just bought some pink Himalayan salt and saw my yuppie cred jump 5%

I have a huge problem with melon which is that I cannot choose a favorite. The only solution to this has been to buy one of each and make a tub of mixed melon salad. Also you'll always find fruit in my freezer because I get carried away like this. Luckily, I've never met a frozen fruit I didn't like.

Words escape me.


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