Summer Eatin

I get into the same food routine for weeks on end. Some might call it a rut but one meal never satisfies the craving. Maybe I’m just perfectly programmed to cook and eat for one because the groceries I buy usually last that long. So far this June, it’s all about:

Scottish oatmeal with cinnamon, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sliced bananas, a drizzle of soy cream, and tons of nut butter (mostly peanut). PBB4EVR

The topping collection, slowly getting out of hand.

A more current obsession is this one for Vietnemese spring rolls ever since I had some on my last day in Berkeley. After rolling my own at home for a few days, I started making a lazy salad version. Typical. Julienning veggies with our huge cleaver is so therapeutic.

Cucumber, celery, carrots, daikon radish, spinach, romaine and cilantro. I love those personal-sized avocados!

Snacky obsessions are these homemade chickpea crackers, chewy rice bread, and all sorts of melon.

GOT to stop blogging as form of procrastination and finish my stories before going to San Diego on Thursday!


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