Jumpin’ Java Cafe

After getting mostly settled in yesterday, I took a walk in search of a new cafe to write in. My new “People’s”. With many contenders in this neighborhood, the search is on.

Two steps away from my new home, I snapped this. Something about living next to a church makes me feel safe. What better security system than God?

The first thing God sees is your hair, so treat it well. I love watching people get braided.

Then I passed some artwork.

I'd planned to go here first but it was quite crowded with families and young professionals.

One block later...

Plan B. The sign says "Best Iced Coffee in Berkeley" which I will have to verify myself.

Deets: Cash only. Free wi-fi. A zillion outlets. Loudish music ranging from Dylan to Dione. Nice staff. Indoor and Outdoor seating. Good bathroom. A strange tropical mural all over the wall and a giant hanging teapot. Snacks but no real food. A big difference from the clientele I saw in Hayward. There are five people and three have Macs. Most are talking intellectually and with feminine affectations. One is your typical tattooed bike messenger thick rimmed glasses guy. One is seriously rocking out to something on his computer. His friend looks like he’s going to a Ryan from The Office look-alike contest. It’s all very Oakland to me. This would be a fine place to work.

Nomad update: I came here to work today and it was slightly inferior. The place is sleeker, almost like a chain, and they have the advantage of being fair-trade. they also have more food and take card, but the vibe just isn’t there. Give me the grungy hole in the wall with a cute (Brazilian?) couple behind the counter over the aloof kids who forgot to add my soymilk. Surprisingly, Nomad seems to attract more families and the homeless.


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