Fraiche Vegan Froyo!

Subtitle: Dreams Do Come True!!

Before K told me of vegan froyo in San Francisco, I didn’t know the thing existed. Ah, I remember the first week that Yogurtland graced Berkeley – I went four days in a row. Shortly thereafter I got a job at the gelato shop, and thus lost interest in all frozen treats. But today the magic was totally completely orgasmically rekindled when K took me to Fraiche Yogurt before class. (Later I mentioned this to someone else, and she actually knew the owners!)

Fraiche began serving quality yogurt in both fresh and frozen forms in Palo Alto, and is now movin’ on up towards the city. My new goal in life is to rally for a franchise in the East Bay, or find a comparable version. We have lots of vegan ice cream, but I suppose it reminds me too much of gelato, which reminds me too much of vomiting.

It is located on Fillmore and Bush, on one of the cutest streets ever, and staffed by some of the cutest employees to boot (including an Asian girl with wicked red glasses who I want to be when I grow up). If that wasn’t enough, they also serve Bluebottle Coffee.

The toppings are a marvel in themselves. Chunks of organic chocolate ready for shaving and homemade mochi take the lead.

If it wasn't creepy I would've gotten a better, non-decapitated pic of the adorbs Asian girl. Here she piles ollalieberry jam and almonds onto K's vegan froyo.

The Junior size (3.20) was a perfect serving. I wasn't sure what to expect from soy froyo, but the flavor turned out to be exactly like the soy yogurt I get from the store. Except a thousand times more flavorful and exciting because it was cold and creamier. It blows my mind. I didn't want to get distracted by toppings, but after experiencing how tangy and mildly sweet this yogurt was, I'm craving it with walnuts. I find most froyo to be too sweet but this was basically customized for me.

Food guacamole

Service guacamole

Value UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled tough to say since you can’t get it anywhere else

Ambiance guacamole

Bonus photo of a kitchen sink salad I've been making this week. Successful food days are the best!


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