Burma Superstar, That Is What You Are

Since I’ve fine-tuned my Burmese restaurant radar, it seems like I’m seeing them everywhere now. Unlike Indian or Thai, Burmese hasn’t exactly swept over the Bay Area, probably because it’s somewhat the bastard child of both those cuisines, with a little bit of Chinese thrown in. After months (years, really) of anticipation, I finally lunched at Burma Superstar in Temescal, one of several branches here. It was my first experience not including the Burmese refugee restaurants I tried in Thailand, and I’ve concluded that though I won’t be craving this cuisine as I do for say, Indian, it is pheNOMinal in all its fusiony, ambiguous, marginal deliciousness.

The closest "cute" neighborhood to me is Temescal, home to a mixing pot of cultures which, translated, means awesome restaurants, including Spanish tapas, Korean tofu-houses, Ethiopian cafes, Italian delis, etc...Today was the perfect day to bike over, since rain is on the tomorrow's forecast.

The lunch menu is not nearly as full as dinner, easing my dilemma of what to get. I couldn't turn down this rainbow salad (9), which boasted 22 ingredients on the menu and was featured on the Food Network. I only see 15? Hoped to get more variety in the veggie department, but I guess no one makes a salad like I do at home.

Final result, after the waiter's fervent mixing. I personally like my food semi-separated, but I'm never one to turn down intriguing table service. The "salad" includes four types of noodles, green papaya, tofu, onions, potato, fried garlic, and peppers, amongst other things. The tamarind dressing was an unexpected delight, and I hereby declare that fried garlic be sprinkled on everything that I eat. It tasted light, but all those noodles ended up being very filling. I also tried some of E's eggplant curry, my second choice, and it was just okay.

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