the twist i can’t resist

i realized five minutes ago that i really enjoy strawberry twizzlers, which my roommate didn’t want and gave me. this is like how people say your tastebuds mature as you get older, except backwards. i think half the reason i like it so much is that it’s peelable and i so love peelable food, though it’s so rare to see outside cheese. now, i am sitting at the cafe before work with a string of twizzler hanging out of my mouth and feeling like the epitome of halloween. and i thought i wasn’t going to celebrate!
black licorice remains a gastronomic abomination


3 thoughts on “the twist i can’t resist

  1. Peel-off twizzlers are my favorite kind of twizzlers. I also love dino-shaped nuggets although I have none (but I am assuaging my cravings with veggie nuggets right now…)

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