Ananda Fuara

I’ve never heard of the Indian religious leader Sri Chinmoy, and Wikipedia doesn’t say how many followers he has, but the ones at “Ananda Fuara, A Vegetarian Restaurant” are my new friends.

So many times I've seen this while powerwalking through the seedy Tenderloin at night. Their image doesn't do the food justice. Light blue walls and aluminum seats inside made me feel like I was at church...but I now see a reason for that.

After sending the waiter away twice because we couldn't decide what to get, S and I both went for the "neatloaf" lunch special (~8) in honor of the season. Her's included ricotta and egg, while mine was vegan. Her carrot soup was amazing, with a strong hint of coconut. It almost made me wish I skipped the salad, but my beets and lemon tahini dressing won me back over. Other temptations included homemade veggie burgers, Indian curry, falafel, quesadillas, and and ravioli. Something for everyone.

To cap off an indulgent weekend, I got a slice of the red velvet cake. I had to narrow this down from four equally amazing vegan desserts, but two waiters said this was their favorite (instead of their award winning chocolate cake). It didn't disappoint, though the frosting could've used something sour like Tofutti or lemon juice to balance out the sugar. Somehow, vegan cakes are always super moist and I don't want to know why.

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