A couple days ago I made some reservations for Millennium, the highest rated, 100% vegan fine dining restaurant in San Francisco. It’s located in the center of downtown, inside a fancy old hotel. Paired with the drapey walls and net-like lights, it felt like a dark circus inside. The hostesses are slightly uppity, but our waitress and the busser was a joy. And the food…ah…the high this meal left me in should easily last through the rest of the holidays.

This was my first time ordering a prix fixe meal, and the last one I'll have in a long time! The Frugal Foodie deal lets you choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $39, with an optional wine parings for an extra $12. I chose the black bean torte to start...

and keeping with the theme, the tamale to follow. S had the oyster mushrooms, which was the better choice.

The torte was delicious, especially in my extreme state of hunger, but it did not shout in excitement. Perhaps going the Latin route wasn't the wisest choice, since I make perfectly good beans at home all the time.

However the tamale saved the day! Apple salsa and butternut squash brought out the sweet cornmeal, the bitter and smoky brocollini satisfied my obsession with chlorophylic food, and the presentation was clearly something spesh. This was twice the size I was expecting. I can put away a lot of food, but after this the prospect of dessert was a little daunting.

I chose the pumpkin cheesecake on a brownie crust with cranberry chutney from a menu of fairy run of the mill desserts (chocolate cake, mousse, rice pudding). It took several mini-breaks before I could finish the whole thing, but finish it I did. Like a wounded soldier, I was in pain, but I had my pride.

I feel so lucky to have been able to have this “weekend getaway”! Next time I’ll probably stick to the main courses, to make it easier on the stomach and purse. Every entree is generously portioned and delicious (we spoke a lot to the woman dining next to us, whose dishes looked even better than ours and also gave some restaurant recommendations) so I can’t wait to find another occasion to go!

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service guacamole

value UntitledUntitledUntitled

ambiance UntitledUntitledUntitled


2 thoughts on “Millenni”yum”

  1. Hi Bee!
    Yes we should definitely compare doppelganger photos. I actually wish I didn’t have to wear glassees (contacts give me headaches) so then I wouldn’t have that Asian hipster girl look, haha. But maybe we should create some kind of fb page where everyone who looks like us contributes photoz. xoxo

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