I should get paid to write blog titles.

Twas a rainy night and A and I had one final dinner before she moves to Russia indefinitely. The original intent was to try Cha Ya (you have no idea how excited I was at the prospect of finally blogging about "vegan sushi") but it's closed all month for renovations. Luckily, Herbivore was down the street and always a nice backup...or is it?

Finding a public bathroom on Shattuck Ave. that doesn't remind me of the one in Trainspotting is challenging, but Herbivore's is possibly the nicest there is. Therefore I took photo documentation.

The ambiance is fairly straightforward modern. Maybe I have spent so long in other filthy, dark restaurants on this street that I really appreciated the airiness in here. Is it wrong of me to describe it as very "socal"?

Before our main entree was ready, our cute waitress brought us the ubiquitous side salad. Lightly dressed, gingery and slightly creamy. I always enjoy this.

Three years ago, my friend had moussaka at a very authentic Greek restaurant in Chicago and I was super curious. Finally, I could try the vegan version (~10) with alternating layers of eggplant and potato, stuffed with soy protein, tofu ricotta, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and spinach all bathed in marinara.

I loved the crostini with a hint of garlic olive oil on the side, dipped in marinara. Unfortunately, the moussaka was not what I expected. The potatoes were a little undercooked (but maybe some people like a little crunch). Maybe this is culinary blasphemy but I was expecting something like mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes with marinara...why don't people eat this?! I am going to try it one day and make a fortune. It was dull dish all around, though plenty salty. Since there weren't enough herbs or standout flavors, I would've loved to sprinkle on some chili flakes, had it been available. Sometimes I love Herbivore for the extensive menu, but the trade off is that there are no Super Special dishes to wow you.

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