El Tasty Toro

After a semi-fruitful thrifting adventure in Ha/shbury, E and I trekked to The Mission for legit Mexican fare with a vegetarian twist. Throwing caution to the wind, we decided to go with the first busy restaurant we walked by, which turned out to be El Toro Taqueria.

Do poorly-positioned crooked photos bother you? Oops. I was a little rushed because people inside were scrutinizing me.

A clean, well-stocked bar to make all your burrito or taco dreams a reality. Guess what I'm getting installed in my kitchen when I grow up.

A super veggie taco with beans, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, tomato & salsa and a side of tofu ranchero (7) So fresh--I wish I could go back and re-eat this taco. The tofu was satisfying since I am actually made of 30% tofu, but the flavors were too similar to Chinese food. Lacking in Mexican spices and ultimately unmemorable. I love the option of getting it in a burrito for some extra protein, but I wouldn't get it on the side next time. But the taco and the salsas? They were as good as they look.

A custard filled churro (1.5) to round out the meal. For some reason, combining two freaking awesome foods into one did not work as well as I thought it would.

This meal made me realize I don’t eat enough Mexican food. I love that El Toro is extremely authentic yet veggie-friendly. Rumor has it that there are a few other taquerias with identical menus, so I’m going to check them out. But I’ll be back here, for sure.


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One thought on “El Tasty Toro

  1. saddened that the custard-filled churro was not up to standard. this makes me excited to go back to l.a. and eat mexican food. miss it so much!

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