Thank God It’s Pie-day

Pie. The answer to a long week filled with work and strife. After dealing with beauracracy rubbish at school, I met with A to fulfill her Pushing Daisies craving. Mission Pie seemed an obvious choice. Third time there, first time blogging.

Let’s approach this the way I eat a Reese’s—from the outside in so that I end up with a disk of peanut butter. (Pie, in this case.)

Going for lunch was the best idea ever. By evening, they’re guaranteed to have run out of most of the best pies.


We got some pointed looks from some of the staff and women at our table. You’d think they haven’t seen two small girls sharing five pies before.

Mission Pie always has quite a few vegan options. This was my rhubarb that looked like pulled pork. It was way tart, with the sweetness coming only from the crumble topping, which was just what I was in the mood for. Doubt anyone would be able to tell this is vegan. Do it for the toasted coconut topping! I don't think any of the other pies use it.

I didn’t try the quiche, but A gave it two thumbs up. Out of the other pies, walnut was definitely my favorite for being exceptionally buttery.

Confession: I had it for dinner too.

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