Green Juices

Now that I’ve cancelled my gym membership in favor of running and biking outside, it’s time for a new health regime. I”ve made a lot of smoothies in my day, but never thought I’d get into juicing, as it seemed wasteful and less filling. But before work I stopped by the adorable raw food/juice bar next door, and now I’m on my third day. Higher energy, better skin, and happier insides… It’s a $$$ habit but I can’t stay away.

Still keeping my pre-work juice habit though! There are two places within a block away…

Raw Energy:

– certified organic

– includes in collards, kale and cayenne, thus making you feel more hxc

– owned by the cutest old couple!

Juice Appeal:

– more juice for less $

– beets

–  frequent buyer cards

I have to have this stuff every day now and I also got a juicer a la Jack LeLanne.

To balance out the juice I got a pretzel croissant from OctoberFeast bakery. I pass by all the time, but is rarely open. Not a huge fan of pretzels or croissants, but this was pretty delish.


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