Bakesale Betty Broke My Heart

I’ve been to Bakesale Betty no less than ten times, but their simple menu just got a lot more exciting this year with the addition of a fried tofu sandwich (9). Finally, a veg alternative to their famous chicken sandwiches and chicken pot pie!

With ironing board tables and an open view of the kitchen, the ambiance is still as nice as ever. The only disappointment is that since becoming crazy popular, Bakesale Bettyhas decreased the variety of pastries, increased their price, and never offers samples anymore. Gone are the days where they'll walk outside and hand everyone a cookie, and give you entire cakes at the end of the day. I guess what I'm saying is, they're finally like every other business in the world.

The tofu is supplied by local manufacturer Hodo, and is deep fried in a slightly seasoned batter, then served like their regular chicken sandwich--on a roll with coleslaw. The vinegar and jalepenos in the 'slaw brought some flavor, but the taste still fell flat. The tofu needed some more (maybe 11 secret?) herbs and spices to bring another flavor component to the sandwich. I wasn't in love with the texture of the untoasted roll, either. I wanted to love you so much, sandwich. But next time I will go to Souley Vegan for my fried tofu cravings.

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