Bangkok Bay

After a fun but strange work week cut short by Veteran’s Day, I grabbed dinner in Redwood City with my coworker Y and her friends. This might have been my first meal out in the area, which is actually a hotbed of delicious ethnic food. Per Y’s recommendations we chose Bangkok Bay, a local Thai favorite.

I forgot my camera so I took this photo of the Meang Kum appetizer from their website. J, who's family owns an awesome Berkeley restaurant called Thai Basil, is the foodie I aspire to be. She insisted we try these spinach wraps of toasted coconut, dried shrimp and tons of Thai seasonings because it's hard to find even in Thailand. This crunchy, light mouthful will make anyone start drooling for the main meal.

At this point, the nicest server in the world offered to take photos of our food for me. We each ordered a special (13), which includes two made-to order dishes, rice, soup and salad. I got the calamari and Penang Tofu. The big and beautiful portions were made from impeccably fresh ingredients, and were not greasy like many places. The tofu I'd get again, anytime.

J took the server's recommendation on the mango chicken but was underwhelmed by lack of unique flavor. Her pumpkin curry was a beaut, however, as you can see.

Oh yeah, then we went to Chuck's Donuts, the best 24 hour donut shop in town, and picked up seven different kinds. I introduced them to the wonders of buttermilk donuts, while Y proved to me that custard-filled maple bars can be off the hook, when done right.

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Service guacamole

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