Holiday Eats

Having a decent cellphone camera is the best and worst thing to happen to this blog.The photos aren’t great but at least I can save all the meals that would otherwise fall through the cracks. Most places I have been going to are random or repeats, but soon I’ll feature some good vegetarian restaurants I’m really excited to try. Until then, these are the salvaged crumbs of the past two weeks, mostly from work lunches and my trip to Southern California.
imageVegan spring rolls with tofu and shrooms from Saba. Not amazing.

imageCarne asada fries from Filiberto’s, the only Mexican restaurant open Christmas day in Encinitas. Shockingly, fries and guacamole aren’t a good combo.

imageShabbat and Hannukah

imageKorean banchan in Torrance–finally an amazing meal!

imageBibimbap with crunchy rice bits.

imageChinese breakfast in Walnut, with vegetable sticky rice and soymilk. The Chinese can keep their breakfasts.

imageMondo German pretzel. Not my thang.

imageTofu banh mi from Saba. Yep I have the frequent buyer card now.

imageRed tofu curry from Lucky Thai House in Berkeley.

image Indian restaurants getting into the spirit.


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