Asian Bakery Cake for a New Year Birthday

My dad’s birthday is 1/1/1958. His brother’s is on 1/1/1956. Both of their names end in yuan, meaning New Year.

The past few years, we’ve been apart for his birthday, so this time I decided to do something special for this guy who doesn’t want presents. Dad is a human dustbin, but my mom is very picky about food. She loves the slightly sweet cakes at Chinese bakeries so I found the best looking recipe online, and tried out my first birthday cake. It’s good, but not as soft and fragrant as the real deal (the price you pay for not using artificial flavors and emulsifiers) I have at least five other variations to try, so we probably won’t see this one again.

See the rough crumb? I was trying to avoid that.

Although they looked and smelled great fresh out of the oven.

Here's the very simple recipe I followed. Other than that, I just whipped some cream and sugar and pureed strawberries to top it.

Even though it wasn’t perfect, this cake is full of eggy flavor and sturdy enough to pair with anything from chocolate ganache to custard filling to shredded coconut. The best part is that I can control how much sugar goes in. The worst part is that there aren’t enough people around to eat it while it’s fresh. I might have to freeze some.

Happy New Year!


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