900 Grayson Birthday Brunch

The day after my birthday, the amazing Y and J got me brunch at oft voted Best Brunch in Berkeley, 900 Grayson. Not a breakfast food lover, but love this place for its location in the middle of (what used to be) nowhere. It’s unassuming industrial name and building. Its arrogant owners. Its fervent loyalty to local bread, meat, coffee, dairy, furniture, forks. Gritty, smug, super crowded, one-hour waits, servers who judge what you order–It’s a Berkeleyan’s wet dream. Just don’t come in search of vegan chicken and waffles, because they still haven’t brought it back.

The Demon Lover made a double appearance at our table, with syrup and gravy. I tried a piece this time and YES. Half of that chicken is actually bold, peppery fried batter. It tasted so much like something from my childhood that I still haven’t put my finger on.
My seared Ahi burger with a side of hash browns instead of fries, even though I asked for home fries. These were tastier. The tuna is lightly flavored, making this a great place to load on the condiments. I wish it had some tartar instead of the fancy wasabi aioli, but doctored it up with their great homemade hot sauce. I couldn’t get into the bun, which was probably from Acme. Dry and spongy with papery skin. Maybe this is what people like, since they won a best burger contest, with ostensibly the same bun. 

Even though I don’t love most of the things on their limited menu, this place is fun. They even have a meal for Hobbits!

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