Holy Land Mediterranean Restaurant

All my years at Berkeley, I’d heard about the city’s best falafels at Holy Land. I’m so pleased to have finally tried it today and say that it is not an exaggeration. Light, crispy patties of flavor are born out of this dank, randomly placed shop. They’re piled with fresh vegetables and drenched with tangy yogurt sauce, then swaddled in a hot, handmade pita. In Holy Land, you will call out Christ’s name.

The salad combo plate sustained me through two meals. With a mix of pureed and whole chickpeas and an ungodly amount of tahini, their hummus is reason enough to pay a visit. And show some love to the owner, a sweet old man.

 A falafel sandwich bursting with sauce, and nice condiments just in case you want even more flavor.

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A few other bites from the past month…
imageOsha Thai is the place for late-night food in the city.

imageFound a great papusa and tamale place next to work. The burritos are just okay.

imageA customized salad from the popular Mix’t Greens in Union Square did not impress.

It’s been a good month for food. My sponge cake recipe has been improving each week too, which I’ll post about soon!