Bangkok Bay

After a fun but strange work week cut short by Veteran’s Day, I grabbed dinner in Redwood City with my coworker Y and her friends. This might have been my first meal out in the area, which is actually a hotbed of delicious ethnic food. Per Y’s recommendations we chose Bangkok Bay, a local Thai favorite.

I forgot my camera so I took this photo of the Meang Kum appetizer from their website. J, who's family owns an awesome Berkeley restaurant called Thai Basil, is the foodie I aspire to be. She insisted we try these spinach wraps of toasted coconut, dried shrimp and tons of Thai seasonings because it's hard to find even in Thailand. This crunchy, light mouthful will make anyone start drooling for the main meal.

At this point, the nicest server in the world offered to take photos of our food for me. We each ordered a special (13), which includes two made-to order dishes, rice, soup and salad. I got the calamari and Penang Tofu. The big and beautiful portions were made from impeccably fresh ingredients, and were not greasy like many places. The tofu I'd get again, anytime.

J took the server's recommendation on the mango chicken but was underwhelmed by lack of unique flavor. Her pumpkin curry was a beaut, however, as you can see.

Oh yeah, then we went to Chuck's Donuts, the best 24 hour donut shop in town, and picked up seven different kinds. I introduced them to the wonders of buttermilk donuts, while Y proved to me that custard-filled maple bars can be off the hook, when done right.

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Thai’d Up in Noodles

It’s almost embarrassing to admit how long it took me to think of a punny title for last night’s dinner adventure. M and I originally planned to check out macaroni and cheese place but when we got there it was packed and we were too hungry to wait for a table. Ultimately, a good call seeing as I don’t like cheese, or even had mac and cheese (cue cries of outrage) because it smells offensive to me. Even the vegan option with a walnut topping sounds daunting. As the sky began to drizzle and we felt progressively more miserable, we booked it to campus. Scoped out a bunch of places and finally decided on comfort food at Thai Noodle II.

The collegiate-kitch ambiance

Entrees that are more sweet than savory, like Pad Thai with tofu (7), bother me. The sauce tasted like pure sugar. As a Pad Thai aficionado, M agreed with this and was greatly disappointed in the lack of flavor. She doused it with soy sauce and chili flakes.

The Red Curry Noodles (7) were also shockingly sweet, but coconut milk and chili oil sort of salvaged it. Such a large portion of this rich soup is best shared between people. I did however enjoy the abundance of seasonal veggies and thin springy noodles. I just wasn't sure if I was eating dinner or dessert.

But then after this dismal meal we went to Kingpin to get freshly fried donuts and thus my faith in food was restored.


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my favorite donut


Fortuneless at Lucky House Thai

Proper eats out have been few and far between. This weather and my allergies just make me want to eat salads twice a day, which is great for my pocketbook and schedule, since we’re amidst the end-of-the-year rush. I love the end of the year and live for end of the year. Papers and time to reflect on what’d been learned (if anything) and parties and new friends. Although it’s kind of lame that we don’t have parties to get to know each other outside of class at the beginning of the semester. Okay I’m really digressing.

Last night after work we took a two-second jaunt to Lucky Thai House, per A’s recommendation. The last time I’d tasted sweet pungent basil and curry and other Thai food was actually in Thailand – where they just call it “food”. I consider A an aficionado after her one-year stay there, and she brings their takeout to work all the time, so it didn’t take much for her to convince S and I to try this place for dinner.

Not too impressive aesthetically, but the staff is friendly and adorable, like everyone I met in Thailand.

I went with the green curry (7) with fresh tofu, green beans, broccoli, and bamboo shoots, with a side of rice. The portion was meager and the veggies few and far between. Two pieces of broccoli will never satisfy this veg-head. Should've multiplied by five, at the very least. It was acceptable, but the tofu was definitely on the brink of becoming stale. The curry flavor itself wasn't that great - i've made better stuff at home from a paste. Too watery and sweet. I like them thick and savory (who doesn't)

Certainly would’ve been better if I went to a proper veg place that had Asian options. I’m disappointed that my favorite experiences are at “American” rather than the authentically ethnic places. I didn’t snap a pic of S’s Pad See Ew but she wasn’t too impressed by the meager veggie portion either. Perhaps A’s fav dishes are better. Unfortunately I dont plan on finding out for myself because there are just too many Thai places around here to contend with. I wish I could try every Thai restaurant that had the words “Thai” and “House” in it, but I don’t have a hundred years. And I don’t love Thai food.

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